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Афтаб в переводе с фарси, основного языка Ирана, означает «солнце». Солнце — источник света и тепла для всего живого на земле. «Солнце» стало названием нашей компанией. ИООО «АФТАБ» — это предприятие, созданное в 2010 г. группой иранских предпринимателей для реализации инвестиционных проектов в области сельского хозяйства на территории Республики Беларусь.

Welcome to the website of our company!

We will acquaint you with the history of creation of the company, areas of work, main goals and conducted policies. We are open to mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

Brief history of the company!

The name of the enterprise is not a simple set of letters, it is named as a tribute to the sun – the main source of light and heat for all living beings on the planet. AFTAB in translation from Persian language   means “sun.”

Why does the company name of Iranian origin? AFTAB, a foreign limited liability company, was established in 2010 by a group of Iranian entrepreneurs.

The company implements investment projects in the field of agriculture.

Immediately after establishment foreign limited liability company AFTAB became the majority shareholder of OJSC Poultry Farm Veliatichi. In 2015, the company concluded an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus and set in motion a large-scale investment project, within the framework of which the construction of a new dairy farm with a completed production cycle has began.

Future Plans

Our success is the result of well-coordinated work of a professional team and reliable partnerships with domestic and foreign companies, specializing in the supply of equipment for poultry and livestock.

Modern technologies, high-tech equipment, innovative developments – all this allows us to dynamically develop and increase production volumes.

Prospects of agricultural-industrial activity

We do not stop on what we have achieved. AFTAB at a swift rate increases production and expands, taking the right path to leading positions in the Republic of Belarus in breeding and selection of highly productive bovine animals of dairy sector- Holstein-Friesian cows.

The main standard of the company is concern for a healthy future.

The use of delicious, environmentally friendly products by the population is the path to good health, long years of active life, improvement of the quality of life and, definitely, success. We monitor the quality of products at each stage of production, starting with self-cultivation and preparation of feed for our charges – birds and animals.

The company’s management invests heavily in improvement of professionalism of its employees and social care for the team. In addition, paramount importance is given to improvement of production processes, market analysis, introduction of new schemes of livestock breeding and food safety.

We are truly open to anyone who wants to move forward with us. We reinforce readiness for business negotiations and long-term cooperation with the consistently high quality of the entire product line, business responsibility to consumers, the team and business partners.

We support our team with valuable recommendations and, most importantly, actions – the range of our services has been maximally expanded. Partnership starts with trust!

Address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Pobediteley avenue 7A, office 38

Mobile: +375 29 140 42 42

Telfax: +375 17 388 03 02