History of the enterprise "AFTAB"

The name of the enterprise is not just a set of letters; it is named after the sun - the main source of light and heat for all life on the planet. "AFTAB" in translation from Farsi (the main language of Iran) means "sun".
A foreign limited liability company "AFTAB" was established by a group of Iranian entrepreneurs.
Immediately after its creation, AFTAB IOOO became the majority shareholder, entered into an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus and began to implement a large-scale investment project.
Reconstruction of the slaughterhouse has begun.

The modernization of the poultry houses has begun.
The machine and tractor fleet was renewed, 37 units of John Deer agricultural machinery were purchased.
The construction of a new commercial dairy farm with a complete reproduction cycle in the volume of 1,050 dairy cows has begun.
The installation of a set of unique high-tech equipment for the farm has begun.

Holstein heifers purchased and supplied from Germany.

A fully mechanized and computerized dairy complex with a total volume of 2650 heads (1050 heads of dairy herd) with a complete reproduction cycle was put into operation.
The construction of a modern grain drying complex has begun.
Thanks to a well-thought-out personnel policy, Velyatichi Poultry Farm OJSC employs the best specialists in the industry, not only from the Borisov region, but also from neighboring regions and the city of Minsk.

The specialists are distinguished by high competence and education, rich practical experience and initiative.

"AFTAB" is building relationships with domestic and foreign companies specializing in the supply of equipment for poultry and livestock breeding.
Modern technologies

High-tech equipment

Innovative developments

Enterprise development
"AFTAB" is dynamically developing and increasing production volumes. This is facilitated by:

Prospects for agro-industrial activities
AFTAB ”is rapidly increasing production and expanding, stepping on the right path to the leading positions in the Republic of Belarus in breeding and selection of highly productive dairy cattle - Holstein-Friesian cows.
The company's management invests heavily in improving the professionalism of its employees and social care for the team.

In addition, priority is given to improving production processes, market analysis, introducing new livestock farming schemes, and food safety.
The consumption of delicious, environmentally friendly products by the population is the path to good health, long years of active life, an improvement in the quality of life and, of course, success. We monitor the quality of products at every stage of production, starting with self-cultivation and preparation of feed for our wards - birds and animals.
The main standard of the company is concern for a healthy future
In 2017, a farm was built under the investment of AFTAB, which modernized the poultry farm. The creation of a farm meant a complete reproduction cycle.
Dairy farm
OJSC “Poultry farm“ Velyatichi ”has a wealth of experience in this specialized area of ​​activity, as it has been engaged in it since the 60s of the last century.
At this stage, poultry production has been suspended due to the upcoming modernization of poultry houses.
Poultry farm
Incubation is one of the main workshops of the poultry industry. The developed technology allows to ensure the hatching of high-quality viable young poultry.
Incubation shop
In 2016, the reconstruction of the slaughterhouse using Halal technology was completed, which makes it possible to produce poultry meat that meets all international safety standards, quality and safety of meat products.
Slaughter shop
The complex is designed for post-harvest processing (cleaning, drying) of cereals, legumes, cereals, corn and rapeseed.

Grain drying complex
The machine and tractor fleet is designed to solve production and technical problems. Any of these areas cannot be implemented on an outdated material and technical base. We monitor the market for modern agricultural machinery and regularly replenish our fleet.
Machine and tractor fleet

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