Livestock breeding

Plant growing


Dairy farm

In 2020, the Aftab company put into operation a fully mechanized and computerized dairy complex with a total volume of 2650 heads (1050 heads of dairy herd) with a complete reproduction cycle.

rotary milking unit for 50 places

Dairy complex
This complex is equipped with modern milking equipment of the German manufacturer GEA Farm Technologies GmbH

barns for keeping cows and calves

silage trenches and sheds for harvesting and storing feed and hay

tanks for storing liquid fraction of manure with a volume of 5000 tons each
Milk production

Today, the dairy farm is not fully equipped with a dairy herd, which is 442 heads, of which 203 are Holstein cows and 239 are local black-and-white cows.
On the territory of the poultry farm there are 17 poultry houses, 14 of which are for floor keeping of poultry, the capacity of each of them: 23 thousand heads of broilers or 10 thousand heads of ducks or 8 thousand heads of geese. The total production capacity of poultry meat is 2 thousand tons of meat per year.
Poultry farm

thousand chicken eggs


Includes 18 wardrobes, total capacity:

thousand duck eggs

thousand goose eggs
Poultry houses
The poultry farm is also equipped with 3 poultry houses for cage keeping of broilers with a total one-time planting of 180 thousand heads. All installed equipment is made in Iran.
Slaughter shop
A slaughterhouse with a nominal capacity of 2 thousand broilers per hour, according to the Halal standard, was built and commissioned by the Aftab company. The technical equipment installed in the slaughterhouse, made by the Dutch company STORG, is designed for slaughtering both ducks and broilers.
In 2020, the agricultural plots of Aftab IOOO and Velyatichi Poultry Farm OJSC, due to the addition of plots of neighboring farms to them, increased to 6000 hectares, 5100 hectares of which are arable.
Grain drying complex
In order to increase the efficiency and increase the profitability of the enterprise, a significant part of the fields is allocated for sowing cereals. In this regard, in 2020, a grain-drying complex with a capacity of 25 tons / hour was installed at the enterprise, and in 2021 the 1st phase of the installation of silos with a total volume of 6 thousand tons was implemented.
Storage and grain processing

3 x 2 000
tons of grain, storage capacity

tons per hour of grain, the possibility of drying
The multifunctional grain complex helps to solve the problems of providing high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials in large volumes.

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